Tegar Mendengar Puisi Mengharukan - Smokers always have breath that smells and easily got the disease mouth and gums and the teeth become yellow. Those who smoke also face difficulty in breathing and easy to feel tired when doing any work mainly berolahraga.Ini the long-term effects of cigarettes.

Smoking can harm their own health because the chemicals contained in cigarettes can reduce the function while damaging the organ in our body. For example, nicotine in cigarettes can cause addiction to smoking cigarettes in case repeatedly.

In addition, tobacco can lead to heart disease and blood. There are approximately 63 chemicals contained in cigarettes that may lead to cancer of the lungs, mouth, gut, throat and breast. A cigarette will menghidap stroke disease.

mouth and gum disease, osteoporosis, infertility and lung diseases such as bronchitis asthmadan (outbreak of the lungs).